10:00-11:30 CET

Climate change and coastal areas management

This thematic session was about: the main issues that are currently facing coastal zone management in the context of climate change; methodologies to analyse coastline evolution and coastal/estuarine flooding; measures and actions within the adaptation strategy: structural coastal protection measures, accommodation and withdrawal measures, governance and local measures to raise community awareness through the participation and capacity building of the various stakeholders.

Coordinated by:

Teresa Álvares. Department of the Coast and Coastal Protection, Portuguese Environment Agency


  • Alexandra Toimil, Hydraulic Institute of Cantabria (ES)
  • Celso Pinto, Portuguese Agency for the Environment (PT)
  • Juan Taboada, Galicia Meteorological Entity (ES)
  • Paula Freire, National Civil Engineering Laboratory (PT)
  • José Francisco Sánchez, Centre for Studies on Ports and Coasts of the CEDEX (ES)
  • Sérgio Barroso, Centre for Regional and Urban Studies and Development (CEDRU) (PT)


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