Thursday 19th
12:30-14:00 CET

Health and climate change adaptation

Adaptes Sesion 05 opt

The session was about the main links between climate change and health. More specifically, it will focus on early warning measures and adaptation to extreme temperatures and climate events, environmental pollution, and food and vector-borne diseases and their impacts on the health of the population of the Iberian Peninsula.

Coordinated by

Oriana Ramírez Rubio,  Barcelona Institute for Global Health


  • Maria Sofia Núncio, Department of Infectious Diseases. Emergency Response and Biopreparation Unit. Centre for the Study of Vectors and Infectious Diseases
  • Julio Diaz, Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics. Escuela Nacional de Sanidad (National Health School). Instituto de Salud Carlos III (Carlos III Health Institute)
  • Cristina O’Callaghan, Barcelona Institute for Global Health
  • Ricardo Assunção, Department of Food and Nutrition. INSA, Instituto Nacional de Salud Doctor Ricardo Jorge (Doctor Ricardo Jorge National Health Institute)
  • Isabel Lança, Department of Public Health. ARS Centro (Central Regional Health Administration).
  • Santiago González Muñoz, Directorate-General for Public Health. Ministry of Health


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