Friday 20
09:30-11:00 CET

Protective biodiversity in the face of climate change

Biodiversity conservation is in itself an essential tool for dealing with the effects of climate change. How can climate change adaptation be incorporated into ecosystem planning and management? What capacities are essential to cushion the evidence of climate change in biodiversity? This session will look at specific tools and inspiring examples of scientific-technical collaboration and social involvement.

Coordinated by

Marta Múgica, EUROPARC Spain and Fernando González Bernáldez Foundation


  • Blanca Ramos and Regino Zamora, Global Change Observatory, Sierra Nevada National Park and University of Granada
  • José Antonio Atauri, EUROPARC Spain-Fernando González Bernáldez Foundation
  • José Luis Martín Esquivel, Teide National Park
  • João Cardoso de Melo, Cascais Ambiente


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