Thursday 19th
15:00-16:30 CET

Information, education and training for climate change adaptation


It has no lectures. 

Repeated reference to education and information often appears in any strategic document associated with the environment, in general, and with climate change adaptation, in particular.

Their role in raising public awareness is decisive; however, the diversity of options for coordinating and implementing this type of initiative results in maps that are as different as they are unclear.

By means of a complementary interpretation by the state, schools, equipment, professional sectors and volunteer initiatives, we want to know what the educational proposals for climate change adaptation in Portugal and Spain are and how they are structured. By analysing synergies, needs, weaknesses and opportunities, we intend to further identify key factors in collaboration on the Iberian peninsula and in the coordination and deployment of educational interventions.

Coordinated by:

Miguel Pardellas Santiago,  Feitoría Verde S.Coop. Galega


  • Francisco Teixeira, Portuguese Environment Agency

  • Conceição Colaço, Center for Applied Ecology Professor Baeta Neves

  • Mari Luz Díaz, Huerto Alegre

  • Germán Llarena, Sant Cugat del Vallès Town Council

  • Amaia Esparza, Garrapo S.L.


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